Mike Simpson is a bi-coastal award winning Cinematographer. His narrative features have earned him ‘Best Cinematography’ awards at film festivals, his commercial resume includes multiple Addys, and his music videos have millions of views and earned him a 2015 MTV VMA ‘best cinematography’ nomination.


Mike's narrative work has played nearly all of the major festivals and earned him ‘Best Cinematography’ awards for two recent films “Strings” and “It’s In The Blood.”

His most recent narrative feature, the SXSW Grand Jury Nominee “The Taiwan Oyster” had glowing reviews of the photography, Variety references the “sheer beauty of the frames” and Slackerwood calls the film “Stunningly Beautiful.”


Mike's commercial resume is vast and diverse, and includes brands: Nintendo, Loreal, Maybelline, American Express, Crest, Coach, Budweiser, Dell, Sprint, Panera Bread, Whole Foods and many more.

His Nintendo spots for the Legend of Zelda games on Wii and the 3DS all starred Robin Williams, earned numerous accolades and collected over 50 million views on youtube.


Mike's music video career exploded after his recent MTV VMA nomination (Best Cinematography) for Alt. J’s song ‘Left Hand Free.

Additional Artists include: Solange, J.cole, Lil' Wayne, David Byrne, Major Lazer, Disturbed, Rob Thomas, Danny Brown, Porches, The Smith Westerns, Breakbot, and many, many more.